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This month I wanted to focus my attention on business owners. I know so many have taken a huge knock emotionally and financially and some still have a long way to go before re-opening and running business as usual. With most households and businesses feeling the impact of the nationwide lockdown, it’s time for reinvention to suit the post-lockdown world we will find ourselves in and it’s essential to consider how your business is viewed by your customers. Now more now than ever the market is competitive and consumers gravitate towards brands they remember and whose values they can identify with.

Most businesses focus on graphic design and making sure they have a great logo and that written and digital material relates to that corporate identity. But it should not stop there. An interior designer can help your business express your corporate identity through the creation of spaces that influence the people who visit them by crafting a three-dimensional, sensory experience for visitors, employees and customers. There are many ways your corporate identity can be carried through into a three-dimensional space including lighting, colour, texture, form, pattern and furniture. Interior design is no longer a luxury for businesses but a necessity to put your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

You need to consider what your corporate visual identity is, which includes all the visual experiences someone would have with your brand including logo, colour choices, digital material (website), written material (corporate stationary), interiors (offices, waiting rooms, storefronts etc.) as well as architecture, staff uniforms, products, services or packaging materials.

Here are some things to consider:

– How do your customers see your business and corporate identity?
– How do your employees see your business and corporate identity?
– Does your corporate identity reflect your company’s values?
– How can you improve the experience your customers have with your business from start to finish?

There are many benefits to having a fully realized corporate visual identity in your business:

– Showing people your ethos, aims and values
– Better recognition among consumers
– Differentiating your company from your competitors
– Building customer loyalty
– Increasing sales and attracting customers
– Positively affecting the working environment for employees
– Increasing employee loyalty and long-term commitment to the company

Don’t be fooled that simply copying the red colour from your company logo and buying a few red chairs and painting a red wall will cut it. While this is a start in the right direction and shows you are trying to create a corporate visual identity, it needs to be professionally developed to create a real impact.

There are many businesses who portray their corporate visual identity beautifully through interior design namely Nandos, McDonalds, Starbucks and Jo Malone but I was particularly inspired by the interior of Gourmet Café created by Leon Design Agency. Not only did they use their branding colours throughout the interior, but they also mirrored the shape of the logo throughout the space in the furniture, décor and lighting. The use of basket weave texture and pattern through the space also links directly to their logo and branding. This café is bright, elegant, modern and intimate all at the same time. Simply stunning!


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