Moving home – 5 ways to make your new space feel like home

We are moving into a new house on 1st June! Is the timing perfect? Ummm no, but that’s life! With the current times it looks as though it will be a DIY effort between my husband and I due to social distancing! The thought terrifies me, so I thought I would research ways to move house efficiently and wanted to share my findings with you.

Here are my top five ways to make a new house feel like home:

  1. Packing tips

    When packing your home, consider items that you no longer use and have a box ready to take them for donation or sale after social distancing. Don’t drag anything you don’t want to your new space if possible. Use boxes that are similar sizes to make loading and unloading easier and be sure to pack an “unpacking kit” for the other side. Scissors, a sharp knife, a pen and paper a bottle of water, some snacks and cleaning cloths at the ready will make things go smoothly.

  2. Prioritize each room and unpack accordingly

    The most important rooms for me to tackle first will be my children’s bedrooms, kitchen and main bedroom (in that order). Ensuring my kids feel happy and settled in our new home when bed-time comes around on moving day will be my priority so I’ll focus on getting their beds made up and a few of their personal items unpacked so they feel settled. Next is the kitchen, because them kids gotta eat! My final job on moving day will be to make a start in the main bedroom, unpacking essential clothes and toiletries as well as making up the bed so we can crash after a hard day’s work!

  3. Consider a new layout for your furniture

    A new space calls for a fresh layout. Consider moving things around and not necessarily having your old lounge as your new lounge. Swop furniture and soft furnishings throughout the house and make the new space feel new, exciting and fresh. Obviously, any new home comes with it a wish-list of new items to complete the space. Ensure these are well thought out and avoid any spontaneous purchases.

  4. Hang your art

    Don’t be that person who has a pile of frames leaning against the wall a year after you’ve moved. Tackle them early on and position pieces you love throughout your home to create your own personal space.

  5. Enjoy it!

    Yes we are living in unique times and with all the goings on around us to do with the Coronavirus, it is important to be grateful for the space we have and how lucky we are to be moving into a beautiful home. Enjoy every minute of unpacking each precious item you own and finding the perfect spot for it to make your new space feel like yours. And look forward to the future where you can open your home to friends and family to celebrate it!

I will keep you posted on our move!
Stay safe and stay at home.

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