Our new normal

Lockdown has us all channelling our inner home-bodies more than ever and establishing new routines to make cocooning at home comfortable and enjoyable. I have hesitated to post something about the Coronavirus purely because I am not a scientist and am feeling a bit uneasy and unsure of what the future holds but as we settle into Level 4 of the risk strategy that our government has set in place, I feel like the antidote to the anxiety is making your home your sanctuary. The key is to find small comforts within your home and make the most of this special time with your nearest and dearest.

We need to take a closer look at how we and our families (including pets!) function together in our homes. Do you utilize your space in the best way you can? Are you making the most of everything you have to provide the sense of security and comfort we need during these times?

Here are my 5 top tips for creating a comfortable and comforting space:

  1. Declutter and Clean EV-ER-Y-TH-ING

    I know time is in short supply, as most households are juggling parenting, working, cleaning, cooking, teaching, crying and laughing. If you can find a little bit of time each day to focus on organising, you’ll be amazed at how those small efforts add up! Focus on one room at a time. Walk through the room and clear out anything you feel you no longer like or use. Create piles of goods to sell or donate (after social distancing) and then clean all surfaces to make sure they are sparkling!

  2. Create a maintenance check list

    As you tidy each room take a closer look at the space and all the furniture pieces in the space. Check on everything and make a list of anything that has an issue or anything that annoys you, like a window hinge that doesn’t close properly, a small chip in a side table that needs a paint touch up or a patch of damp coming through a wall. Write down anything and everything that needs to be attended to within your home. Now is the time to delve into your DIY tools in the garage and tackle any issues you can on your own with the advice from professionals. Keep your check list for anything that needs to wait until after social distancing so you can easily tend to your maintenance around the house then.

  3. Re-position your décor

    Gather all décor items (photo frames, ornaments, vases, even scatter cushions) you have around your home and pool them in one place like your dining table or kitchen counter. Get everything into a central location. Sift through the décor items and only put back pieces that are in good condition, that you absolutely love and that work with the overall look you are wanting to create. Remember to keep your spaces simple – the age old saying still rings true: less is more! Moving items from one room to another is a great way to re-style your home. Perhaps even de-clutter a bookshelf groaning under a pile of photo frames and find a spot to hang them on the wall instead. A fresh bunch of flowers or even leaves from the garden will also do the trick to freshen up a room.

  4. Consider your best natural light

    Consider where the best natural light comes from in your home and try to maximize that – this might mean removing a curtain or blind (if you don’t need it for privacy reasons) or positioning a mirror to reflect light. Adding natural light can really brighten and lighten your space giving it a whole new look and feel. If you have any indoor plants, remember to put them in areas with the best natural light.

  5. Hide those cables

    Most people have a spider’s web of cables behind their TV cabinet or around their desk or bedside table. Neaten your cables with anything you may have around your home (elastic band, sticky tape, cable ties) and try to remove any outdated technology items that you no longer use. When wall-mounting your TV, consider how you will hide the cables. There is nothing worse than white plastic conduit piping surface mounted on the wall. If you have no other option then perhaps consider placing your TV on a floating shelf as opposed to wall mounting.

Stay safe and stay at home.

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